Advice worth giving
The best advice is this:
Don’t take advice and don’t give advice.
Author Unknown

To my future child,

Over the years I have collected a lot of advices and kept the ones that are quite useful. Here are some simple rules so you can navigate the boring stuff of life and enjoy the less boring parts of it.

I hope that they will help you and that you may add some more to them, pass them along so people you care about will enjoy life with you, because a life in solitary and with no one to share what you know with, is a life not well lived.


Stop bad behavior.


Don't judge people, don't condemn people and also don't whine about people.

Limit social media.


Try to limit your exposure to social media as much as you can. They are not bad. They are a tool. Tools need to be used appropriately. Don't compare yourself to others on social media, you don't know what the influencer you are following is doing to show off like that. Use social media for what they are, a tool to socialize. Leave the comparison and hierarchy for the real life.

Create free content.


Try to create free content around your work that other people can get value of.

Less is more.


Less is more can be applied to everything, start using it more deliberately throughout your day and life.

Get creative.


When you struggle to be creative or come up with a new concept try this: Don't be afraid of failure, it can happen, it is natural to happen a lot of times but don’t let it paralyze you. Every once in a while try something new. Go on this new hiking route, take a different route with the bus, add some randomness to your routine. Lastly get off the path of the least resistance. Our brain is very energy efficient, it will try to connect the dots on things we already know. True creativity lies when we do stuff that are initially hard and then get easier with time. All things you can do now once were difficult.

Touch is analgesic.


When you are grieving get a massage. Touch itself is analgesic for the human mind and body. Infants may day if they are not touched and taken care of.

Minority rule.


Watch out for the minority rule. Once you have 10% or more woman at a party you cannot only serve beer. Most men although will drink wine. So you only need one set of glasses if you will serve only wine.

Controling risk with children.


Let your children get into a little trouble once in a while, it will make them more responsible and able to deal with life better. Your job as a parent is to keep them out of big trouble.

Prevent the flu.


Don't touch your face and wash your hands often. Also keep your phone clean.

Keep your work at work.


Don't let your work affect your personal life. Don't let any work related frustration out on your spouse or friends.